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Well, coming from a country where I think I've caught the train twice in my life (the first a ceremonial town to Remuera return "lets go on a train" outing as kids with my Mum, and the second to the U2 concert) I'm starting to get pretty good at catching the darn things (thanks in huge part to Sheenz, who is a mass of knowledge due to her English experiences).

Sheena and I have also felt a lot like we're part of the Amazing Race sometimes, with some very close calls in catching trains (not our fault, honest! Allowing heaps of time, we are constantly being stuck in queues! Or one train will be late, which means we have to run for the second connection). This culminated in a mad dash in Venice yesterday with one very heavy suitcase with a broken handle, one enormous pack, three plastic bags, 2 handbags, a poster tube, some highly amused and entirely unhelpful guards, and two very flustered and unfit kiwi girls sprinting flat out down an entire platform in Venice station because we HAD to get on the train to Florence or forfeit our tickets, and pay for an extra night in Venice, then us both getting the giggles and the stitch simultaneously halfway. Must have looked completely nuts, but luckily no one knows us over here, and whatever they mutter we can't translate :-) Anyway, we caught the train :-)

Now in Florence, where they have 24hour free internet (yay! Locanda Daniel is great! Thanks Bex for the recommendation!) So either tomorrow or Sunday I will update everything and hopefully load some pictures if I can work out the fandangly cord thingy.
Anyway, have just had an amazing day, a choca schedule of Florentine art at the Uffizi and the Accademia, beginning with a delightfully cheap hot chocolate this morning that was the best one I've had in Italy so far, basically an entire cup of pure liquid 71% cacao, sans milk, like chocolate sauce, washed down with two custard pastries, mmmmm ;-) and then ended with homemade lasagne dinner with a great house wine (unfortunately, we've found often the 'house' or 'local' wine equates to 'scraping-the-bottom-of-the-cheap-bins-at-the-supermarket' but tonight was a delightful exception) and an incredible tiramisu (they seem to think tourists like it with packet custard, so we've learnt to be wary and check, and tonight got a great one with lots of alcohol soaked sponge, proper mascarpone, and proper coffee, and lashings of real choclate chunks).

Bliss. Very full.
Thank you all so much for your comments, I will reply in due time, and Ciao, I promise I will write soon.

Posted on 13 Apr 2007 by Anna
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