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A wee jump ahead of meself - Bonny Scotland
Ok, so you're just going to have to all forgive me for skipping such a big jump, as I know that I haven't detailed Florence, London, Dublin or Edinburgh. Which I will do when I get time, sorry!!! Time has just flown, and I don't seem to get enough time on the internet.

But I thought I should note that I'm now in Scotland, writing this from a hostel on the shores of Loch Ness, which is the pitstop for our Haggis Adventures Skye High Tour today.

I'm loving Scotland.
Yesterday I arrived in Edinburgh quite late after a weekend hanging out in Dublin with Johnny and Bex, and my struggle up the hill with my pack to my hostel was sweetened by the amazing vista of the dark brooding mountain on the hill, and the old dark buildings of the old town. Spectacular.

Last night was a mix of getting to the supermarket, having a stroll around, eating (including a specialty Scotland dessert, which was described as being oatmeal, berries, whisky and cream, which was in fact an entire wine glass of whipped cream, with a bit of oatmeal and some very alcoholic berries scattered through... even I could only get through half of it!), so didn't get to see much of Edibnburgh, but will have a morning there on my return to go see the castle and look around properly.

Today, bright and early, we set off in the bright yellow Haggis bus. Our Scottish guide, Martin, has a dry Scottish humour, and tells some absolutely horrendous jokes ("Wich haerrrry koo (hairy cow) is tae raechest? Kooo Eight!" (Kuwait). Also a great bunch of people, 15 of us in total, one other kiwi, 6 aussies, some germans, spanish, chinese and americans, all super friendly, which has helped a whole heap.

Anyway, we got to see a whole lot of cool spots, Stirling Castle, and the William Wallace Monument, above the ancient battleground where Mel Gibson, sorry, William Wallace, won the battle against the English, a very hairy highland cow, amazing rugged and wild highland cliffs covered in nothing but heather and waterfalls, and, because it rained all day, they all were mist-covered and eatheral looking, a whisky tasting, a museum where the guide showed us exactly how to put on a kilt, kill/gut an englishman scottish highland style, and live in a peat hut. And finally haggis and baked potato for dinner.

Anyway, Isle of Skye tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to!

Posted on 23 Apr 2007 by Anna
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