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Anna in the United Kingdom - Chapter 1: London
Ok, so I know I am WAY behind with news, sorry! Since I last posted I have visited London for two days, then went up for a weekend to Dublin to visit my friends Bex and Johnny living there, then up to Scotland for 3 days on a tour of the Highlands, then back into England and down to Oxford for 4 days with my frinds Emily and Peter there. And now I'm in London again! Have seen an awful lot, and have had some dramas too, so settle in, and I'll try to cover everything for you.... probably in digestable sections :-)

So, first off...

So my first day in London I crashed :-) Italy, and travelling, is exhausting! I lolled around Sheena's flat in Willesden Green, went and did my laundry at the local laundromat, and then dragged myself out of bed to catch the tube in to see Sheena in town that evening. I met her in Picadilly Circus, and it was so cool to come out of the tube station to be met with a visual cacophany of red double decker buses, tooting black cabs, people everywhere, touts selling show tickets, great big neon signs, and general hustle and bustle. We went to a cute tudor style smoky English pub in Soho, and drank too much wine and bar chips :-)

The next day, I caught the tube in with Sheena, and since she was going to a meeting near St Pauls, I decided to follow her and visit the Cathedral first. Well, it was beautiful. Quite an experience looking at it straight after the elaborate Italian churches, which Christopher Wren, the architect, was inspired by when he built it. The quietly restrained opulence of his design was to me very English. After climbing up to the dome, for a grand look down into the church, and an equally grand one getting my bearings outside looking out over London, I visited the crypt, and then, famished, grabbed my first ever cornish pastie at the cafe below. It was scrumptious. I've had more cornish pasties since, but this was definitely the best; hearty, filling, and properly home-made. That afternoon, to walk off my lunch, I walked down Fleet Street to the Embankment, and took a stroll along the Thames. I decided to jump on one of the Hop-On-Hop Off tours to get my bearings of London, and got a great orientation, lots that I didn't need to go back to (ie Tower Bridge and Big Ben) but heaps to entice me to visit properly on my return in a week or so....
Posted on 07 May 2007 by Anna
Anna's adventures - NOW IN TECHNICOLOUR!
So my talented wee brother has added a gallery page, so you can now see some pics of the places I've been. Still have to upload a chunk of pics, and there's a few double-ups, and I've stuffed up the order sorry, but there's a bit of Rome, Florence, Venice and Bangkok in there :-) Enjoy!
Posted on 28 Apr 2007 by Anna
Back to England
Well, I am now in Oxford! Staying with Emily and Peter. And the countryside is brimming with blossoms and green and spring-ness, (although rather grey today) but I am effusing over it as much as Captain Haddock above. Have lots to write about (Skye and Scotland were incredible) but off to discover Oxford today, so stay tuned...
Posted on 27 Apr 2007 by Anna

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